New baggage policy at Dubai International Airport

Effective 8 March, Dubai International Airport will introduce a new baggage policy rule in an effort to help improve service, reduce the risk of mishandling and enhancing the performance of its check-in baggage operation.

The new rule will see bags without flat surfaces rejected at check-in.

According to airport management even the most technologically advanced systems can be disrupted by irregular shaped or oversized bags. “Bags that are round or do not have a flat surface of any kind are by far the largest source of baggage jams. These jams can shut down sections of our system, delay baggage delivery to the aircraft and inconvenience our customers,”said Ali Angizeh, Vice President of Terminal Operations at Dubai International.

“We are trying to get the message out there as much as possible,” added Angizeh. “Passengers, who show up at the airport with non-compliant baggage, will also be given the option to have it repacked in boxes for a fee.”

Dubai Airports has advised all airlines operating into DXB of the imminent change and has updated its website, mobile app and signage across the airport to help raise awareness.

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