Hit the rails in Italy

Psst, we’ve got a secret for you… The best way to see Italy is by train! Trains in Italy run like clockwork, so instead of hiring a car and navigating your way through tiny cobble-stone streets and metro-1807913_1280“passionate” drivers, kick back, relax and enjoy the scenery!

United Europe’s Rail & Stay: Rome / Florence / Venice package will allow you to enjoy the ride, here’s some more info…

It’s nicknamed the Eternal City for a reason. In Rome, you can drink from a street fountain fed by an ancient aqueduct. Or see the same profile on a statue in the Capitoline Museum and the guy making your cappuccino. (Which, of course, you know never to order after 11 am.) Rome is also a city of contrasts—what other place on earth could be home to both the Vatican and La Dolce Vita?

Everyone’s heard the Doors of Paradise, the Duomo, and Michelangelo’s David are captivating, but in Florence, beauty can sneak up on a traveller unexpectedly. You’ll duck into a random church to escape the heat only to spend two hours staring at an impossibly pure blue in a fresco. Or you’ll consider writing a sonnet about pear gelato. It’s just that kind of place. Don’t miss the sunset over the Arno and the famous wines of the Chianti region just south of town.


Stunning architecture, mysterious passageways and of course, the canals. Venice is one of the most alluring cities in the world—the type of place where, as a visitor, you’ll welcome getting lost (as you inevitably will). Relax in Piazza San Marco, take a moonlit gondola ride or taste the original Bellini at Harry’s Bar. Or just wander. No matter where you go, you’ll find history, beauty and romance.

One thing is certain, you are sure to get lost when you are in Rome, Florence and Venice but getting to the cities will be stress free with United Europe’s Rail Tickets. We’ll leave the eating, drinking, selfies and exploring to you… you leave the hotel arrangements and rail tickets to us!

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