Highlights of 2016: Lize Roodt

So many events, so many faces, so much news…Checkedin has decided to post, throughout the coming weeks some of the highlights we had the privilege of sharing with you throughout the year. For this week week we bring you Checkedin Chica: Lize Roodt

Vowing to never be a travel agent, to now running her own ITC, Travel Counsellor Lize Roodt shares her journey in travel with us…

Who are you and what made you get into travel?

Hi, the name is Lize. I knew I would always work in travel but the funny thing is when I finished my studies I actually vowed I would never be a travel agent. And now look where I am, running my own ITC! After Matric I did the gap year(s) in the UK where I was lucky enough to see a lot of Europe (if only knew then what I know now), this is where the trouble started. When I returned from UK I went to study BCom Tourism Management. I did things a little backwards, worked in travel media then tour operating and then retail travel consulting … normally people work through the industry the other way around but I believe it was all to bring me to the space I am in now! Loving being an ITC.

What has this industry taught you?

This industry is tough. Your skin grows a little thicker but I’ve also learnt you must still care and keep your passion alive. You will lose your sense of purpose if you focus on the money. I have learnt A LOT about myself in the last year. I have realised as human beings we are our own worst enemy when it comes to achieving our dreams. Every day I push to be little better, learn something new and keep fighting that enemy so I can reach my goals!

Where do you think you’ll be in the next 5 years?

I want to take my business to a point where I can work for 2 months and travel for 1 month. I would also like to get involved in teaching on a tertiary level at some point when time allows and getting involved in local tourism project is also on the books.
If there’s someone that is willing to tag along on this crazy journey with me that would be nice too.

What is your most pleasant travelling experience?

Australia. Since my reason to visit down under was to attend a wedding I didn’t do much research (I was getting a free tour guide on arrival). I managed to travel the East coast for a couple weeks after the wedding and I was pleasantly surprised. Rather I was blown away at the diversity of things to do and the beauty of everything man made and nature! Sydney offers something to everyone. I got to climb the Harbour Bridge at night which was amazing experience. We did “ferry hopping” and got off at every stop to explore and investigate. The city offers these amazing pockets of nature, the botanical gardens are stunning and the city beaches (Bondi Beach included) you wouldn’t believe they are within the borders of this metropolitan! I then got to travel up north to do a live aboard dive trip for 3 days… UNBELIEVABLE experience for any diving enthusiast!

Top 3 travel recommendations and why?

1.Reunion Island – something different and just a smorgasbord of ecosystems in such a small space.
2.Vietnam – culture and amazing unique experience
3.Cuba – GO while it’s still untouched and before the Americans get to it!

Three travel tips?

1. Don’t trust everything you read online – be thorough or just ask an expert
2. Walk anti-clockwise in amusement parks and tourist attractions – less traffic
3. You will be amazed at worlds that can open up to you through always having a positive attitude, being friendly and keeping an open mind!

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