Free bus trips in London

Bus passengers in London will be able to make a second journey for free under a new system being launched by the capital’s mayor, BBC reports.

The plan is to essentially cap all city bus travel to £1.50, as long as trips are completed within an hour.

Passengers will be allowed to change routes without incurring additional charges for separate buses, a move that could see an estimated 30 million bus journeys in the capital become free.

The new ticket will automatically apply to anyone who uses a contactless credit/debit card or pay as you go on an Oyster.

You won’t be able to switch buses (or trams) as many times as you wish, however. Initially, the Hopper fare only allows one extra free journey per hour, with unlimited transfers (still within an hour) planned for 2018.

Transport for London and City Hall say development work to offer unlimited bus and tram transfers within one hour is underway, with TfL hoping the technical and coding changes necessary will be ready by 2018.

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